IT and Tech Market Trends – Turtles Are Looking For Ocean Currents

As part of our plan for the US market, we did an initial research on the market trends for IT companies and technology, we want to side by side with the next generation applications. As we make sense of this mass of information, we see a very clear line about the trend we think we will pursue the companies.

Using figurative language, we want our turtles to reach the deep ocean waves to migrate to new places to survive and grow. Or startups are looking for trends that can possibility security and rapid growth of business, the main trend we will persuit are SaS (Software As Service), but there are trends within this major trend.

Netflix is as an amazing and popular software as service example, you pay recurrent subscriptions for access their network, basically the idea is let’s put some fences around and charge for people to enter, it’s how real internet business operates. But what f5sites got inside our fences? If you are Netflix you are more like a Zoo, where you get into a car with 5 other people to see the same things, if the person on your side are looking at the buffalo it does not affect their experience if you look at the buffalo too.

What we are going to offer is another place for you to ride your personalized bike, a personal experience above all, it is a new generation of deeply personalized services, is a kind of thing that Apple and Google sells, webapps so smart that it makes you feel like it belongs to you. Your Agenda is useless to other, you can not borrow it to anybody because it is made for personal use, like many other services of the kind.

Within this trend there is a lot of possible positions, if you are looking at the great picture you must decide what ocean you want to release your turtles. We will release fun and work webapps that will operate together, since they are all, in other words, under the same umbrella, sharing users and IT infrastructure. This is the most generic word to share a piece of our plans, within our planning there is more deep market research and growth forecasts, made by experts. So stay tuned and check out our next launches for 2017.

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