Résumé – CEO

name Francisco Matelli Matulovic
mobile/wapp +55 (11) 958 843 715
email fmatelli@gmail.com
site franciscomat.com
birthdate 06/05/1988
martial status single
languages english, native portuguese, spanish
residence Sao Paulo, Brazil

Short Professional Bio:
Strong IT skills since young and passionated by understanding people needs by marketing and sales, lately I have been in all work positions society made, and I tell you is all about the money, people do stuff if you pay them to do, but do you know what’s the price to pay and what the work to do? That’s why you need me.

BSc Magament

Skills, Tools & Exp
Business – Decision Analyses, Decision Quality, AHP
Dev – PHP, Linux

Prev Experience
My previous work experience is strongly related to professional consultancy and PHP development, but recently I have had receipts from online sales. I think that my best contribution to project is in it’s beginning or fuzzy-front end phase, where I can help teams and professional to speed-up decision processes in so many ways. A lot of posterior work depends on my advises and I can handle a lot of pression.

Inteded Positions
I am looking for a position to work for multinational companies to support Sao Paulo/Brazil/America Latina operations. I think I have a compatible profile for executive cargo.