Pomodoros USA

The Pomodoros app/site is a timer for projects, ideal for many scenarios, IT companies that use agile development methodologies, college and university students. It is useful helping people and teams achieve results and increase productivity. It also has several extra features, such as a social network, task management and integration with most calendar software as Google, Apple and Microsoft Calendar.

Currently the application is in pre-release version, with almost a thousand users and 10 thousand hours of time counted, the project has not yet been released commercially and is not charged to users, when the project enters the commercial phase will receive a new name.

Pomodoros is made by a brazilian IT professional, the original code was in Portuguese, but since 2016 the translate process has started (for code, like function names, and interface) and today we English as the official, but may have some remaining work for finishing translation. If you spot any translate problems or bugs contact our support.