F5 Sites Design Guidelines

In our first attempt to uniform all our projects designs, making a similar look, like when you are in a Google, Amazon, Microsoft or Apple product you kind of know, even if you don’t really know why you know, you pretty sure that the sense and fell makes you fell like you are in “home”. That’s because they have a consistent design with some rules that guide all they products.

So F5 Sites started developing our first design guidelines, they started simple, but we think the rules will become more fit-able and better with time passes, so our first design guidelines are:

  • Top bar over all products
  • Logo font: Lobster
  • Color:
    • F5 blue: #03659c
    • F5 light blue: #549ed1
    • Ubuntu orange: #FF5919
    • Darkest gray: #3F3F3F
    • Dark gray: #888888
    • Light gray: #EEEEEE
    • Dark green: #398439
    • Light green: #449d44
    • Gold: #E2D693
  • Custom posts and products thumbnails

For now that is all, in future we are predicting paddings and margins for some elements. They will be applied whenever I can, for now they just exists and are being implemented without a deadline, but nothing new will be developed without following this strict.

SSL Certification Concluded

Without strong walls why the gate? Securing data is a big concern for today servers managers, data collecting and storage is crucial, we are living in the beginning of big data era. Some of that data are no for public access, and some information is very confidential, how to deal with that needs a complex answer.

Security access is the basics, it is more than have strong passwords, it is to give right people the right information and keeping not-authorized ones out. As a server admin I can say our servers security is high, but for strictly security performance the server admin words doesn’t guarantee nothing, we need third parties specialists to confirm it.

When a site or domain have SSL certification they have guaranteed that the interception of data between the final user and server is way difficult, all protocols and security norms is followed, and the constat renewal of SSL certificates guarantee the servers is always updated with most recent security standards. That is certainly a big mark for all our projects.